Volunteer on an archaeological excavation

Volunteering on archaeological excavations can give you invaluable insight into the process into archaeology. You’ll come into direct contact with the things left behind by people thousands of years ago. It may be strenuous, dusty work, but it can be real rewarding. Many digs use volunteers, teaching them not only about the process of digging, but about the history of what they’re digging up. Many provide accommodation, some tours through the area.

The biblical archaeology review features a number of digs that that touch on areas mentioned in the Bible.
Find a Dig

I’ll be participating in the Tell el-Hesi Joint Project excavations in southern Israel this summer. Information available on the Mississippi State University Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures website. This has a comprehensive field school and tour programme. If you’re not a student seeking credit, contact the co-director and ask for an application form.

For those with less time, who want to dig maybe only a week, I’d recommend the Tel Burna excavations in Israel. This is a neat tell which I’m sure will prove to be very important in our understanding of the area. I was part of this project last year.

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