Traces of walls

Archaeologists require patience. It may take weeks before anything substantial can be found. And then, when the first traces appear, it may be days before the find is carefully excavated. We found a few stones indicating a wall a few days ago. Today we peeled away more layers to trace it. But this was no quick digging, but slow excavation, taking into account all the dirt around the wall. We must not miss anything or be too hasty. But the outline of the wall is now partly visible. And we definitely know it’s a wall.

That’s only the beginning. We have no pottery or other remains yet that clearly belong to the wall. We cannot build a picture of life at this site yet. But we know that people lived there about three thousand years ago, that they built houses.

The earth only yields information slowly. Here’s a picture of a square (the one I’m supervising) as it appears at the moment – a puzzle yet to be solved, though some of the pieces seem to fit together.

This square is only part of the much larger archaeological information in the area. But I’m excited to see what we will find, what this area can tell us.

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