Khirbet Summeily after two weeks

The first two (short) weeks of excavations at Khirbet Summeily have ended. So what have we found so far? Pottery, more pottery and walls. But little of the pottery was in its original context. Generally, the pottery we found was dumped there when soil was moved. Some soil was clearly moved by human hands or by machines, some by erosion. The walls give us an idea of the houses that once stood there. We can see that the village must have been rebuilt several times. For there are walls above earlier dumped material. And now we have found evidence of destruction – a thick ash layer covering part of the site. We haven’t gone through the ash layer yet, but hope to find things below – maybe a floor covered by pottery. Such a discovery would tell us more about life in this place three thousand years ago.
The ash layer is still clearly visible in one balk (the side of the excavation square).
In one square we have removed the traces of one wall foundation to get to the remains below. All this was carefully documented, but it has to be, for archaeology is destruction. Once remains are dug up, they cannot be put back into the ground.

In my square the walls are still standing, clearly showing a corner.

But it seems this is only one phase of settlement in this village. We have started finding more pottery below.

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