A figurine from Khirbet Summeily

Burried in ash we found this wee thing at Khirbet Summeily. Only problem is that the upper torso and head are missing. Still, it’s a nice stone figurine. It’s different, though, the figurine. We’ve never seen any like it before in this area, not in Judah, not in Philistia. Figurines are mostly ceramic, but this is definitely carved stone. And they usually only show the front in detail, often with exagerated sexual organs. This figurine portrays the more natural form of a woman.

What’s most remarkable is that it is also carved in the back, portraying the figure from all sides. We don’t know what it could have been used for. Was it a doll? Some cultic figurine? Art? Iron Age magazine equivalent? What can be said is that people often seemed to have small statues of naked women in their houses during the Iron Age – but this one is less stylistic. (And yes, that’s a Goldstar beer bottle in the background. Not too difficult to guess when this picture was taken.)

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