A wall puzzle

We have come upon a veritable puzzle of different walls at Khirbet Summeily. They are parallel to each other, on top of each, cut each other, intersect. What’s going on? It’s clear that there were several building phases, that some walls seem to have been re-used, some re-inforced through time. It’s like detective work trying to recreate the building efforts that led to the jumble of walls in my square. How do they relate to each other, these walls? There are stone foundations, mudbrick courses, mudbrick levelling. They seem to have been used together at times. Other wall parts are clearly from different periods.

Time has affected the architecture on the hillside differently. Some parts of walls have been eroded, some floors have been cut, some washed away; fire has raged on the site; plows have cut into the soil. And despite the many disturbances, the traces of walls and surfaces can be detected – at times.

Some things make it more difficult, still. We found this post hole at the end of a small wall. What did the post hold up? A shed, a pergola, a shelf or was it just a post inside a room? Can we imagine the space from what we found here? To an extent. But only if we know something about buildings in a culture that may be similar. Only if we look at the landscape and observe the materials available to builders then, the conditions that the houses were built in. As we uncover more we will get more clues about what the hill would have looked like in times past.

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