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Water in the desert

Only a few miles east of Bethlehem is the desert, a dry and empty land without water. The Judean Desert separates the highlands of Judah from the Dead Sea. It is a hostile environment, where life is harsh. Few people … Continue reading

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The good shepherd

In New Zealand sheep are herded by dogs. While the shepherd usually has the best interest of the animals at heart, the sheep do not listen to the shepherd’s voice. They only to run away from him scared. It has … Continue reading

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Archaeology in the digital age

Archaeology cannot stand still in the digital age. Computer-aided methods can give archaeologists better tools to record and analyze data. Digital imaging can help us to better display our finds and conclusions. One of the tools we use at Khirbet … Continue reading

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What town of the Bible is that?

The location of Biblical sites is sometimes not easy to establish and considerable debate still rages among scholars on the identification of some archaeological sites. That’s not entirely surprising. Normally we don’t dig up the sign at the city entrance … Continue reading

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