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Agriculture in the Holy Land: Plowing

Different plows were in use in Palestine in the early 20th century and they all varied subtly by region. But there were similarities. They all had a symmetrical iron plowshare with a sharp point and flaring wings. This was attached … Continue reading

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Gustaf Dalman and daily life in Palestine

Gustaf Dalman (1855–1941) was the first director of the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology in Jerusalem. Like many others he wanted to learn more about the people of the Bible. But he did not conduct large archaeological excavations. He was … Continue reading

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Waters of Armageddon

The ancient city of Megiddo has seen battles throughout its history. It sits in the Jezreel valley near the pass of Megiddo, where the ancient road from Egypt to Damascus, the Via Maris, passes. Here, Pharao Thutmose III defeated an … Continue reading

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Water at Beersheva

Beersheva was a city at the edge of the Negev Desert. Little rain falls here and farming is difficult. But there is water. After all, the name “Beersheva” means “Seven wells”. Archaeologists are not sure whether the ancient hill near … Continue reading

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