Middle Eastern Anthropology

The December edition of the on-line journal Anthropologies Project includes an article about Tell Halif. Yes, I contributed that article. The December edition of Anthropologies is entitled Anthropologies of the Middle East.
Most of the contributions deal with modern anthropology, and there is much discussion of the role of anthropology in our knowledge of the Middle East. Nevertheless, there’s some archaeology in there, too.

Daughter of Lachish

I just checked the availability of my book Daughter of Lachish.

In New Zealand, the cheapest place to get a copy is still Trademe.
Then, it’s currently available on Fishpond.
Generally, if you want to check book prices in New Zealand, go to www.bookish.co.nz; it doesn’t include Trademe, though.

In Australia, the book is available at the most reasonable price from Fishpond. You can also go to the site www.booko.com.au to compare prices.

In the United State, Amazon is probably still the easiest option. You can also order directly from the publisher Wipf & Stock. Or you can compare book prices on www.booksprice.com. I’d also like to put in a plug for Christian Books and More in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

If you plan on getting a lot of copies, contacting the publisher is still the best option.

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