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Agriculture in the Holy Land: Cattle

No, this picture was not taken in the Holy Land. I still need to enlarge my library somewhat. I took this picture in Liriuni, Bolivia, and shows a farmer coming home from the field with two cows at the end … Continue reading

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Agriculture in Palestine: making butter

Butter was considered the most valuable dairy product in Palestine. When it is salted and mixed with spices this butter keeps for several months and can also be used during the summer, when the animals give little milk. Gustaf Dalman … Continue reading

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The Goat

Traditionally Bedouin tents were made from goat hair. Not only is it a strong fibre, it also swells when it becomes wet and therefore provides a water-resistant cover in rain. Here’s a close-up of the fabric of the Bedouin tent … Continue reading

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The sheep

Ok, that is a picture of a lamb in New Zealand. But the sheep was similarly important in the agrarian economy of Ancient Israel. In archaeological excavations, most of the bones recovered are those of sheep or goats. Often, it … Continue reading

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