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The Ruins of Abu Hof

It is just a ruin now. The columns that once held the arching roof today lie flat on the bare limestone floor, thorns and thistles crowding around them. Limestone blocks form low walls that once stood firm and tall. Around … Continue reading

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Horvat Rimmon

Horvat Rimmon, or Khirbet um-er-Rummamim in Arabic (“ruin of the mother of the pomegranate”) is a site approximately 1 km south of Tell Halif. It lies on a knoll with gentle valleys surrounding it and a wide ridge running off … Continue reading

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Tell Halif and its biblical identity

Tell Halif is located in Southern Israel, where the Judean foothills (the Shephelah) and the Coastal Plain transition into the Negev desert. Not far from it rises the Hebron Ridge. From an environmental and geographic view, it really is at … Continue reading

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Agriculture in the Holy Land: Flax

As I was looking through the old photos of Cully A. Cobb, the founder of the Cobb Institute of Archaeology at Mississippi State University, I noticed these pictures of men busy with some sort of textiles. I could only conclude … Continue reading

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