Artifacts popping out of the ground

There have been interesting finds after a week of excavating at Khirbet Summeily. There should be. We have found some interesting things last year. But even the surface holds promise of an archaeological site. Just before the dig began we were moving a container of equipment close to the site. As the ground wasn’t totally level where we wanted to put the container, we searched for a stone to prop up one corner. I looked around a bit closer to the tell itself and found this nice stone there.

This is a basalt grinding stone. It’s shape suggests that it was used to grind flour on a saddle quern. There is no natural basalt present in this area (the south of Israel). Therefore the grinding stone, or its materials, must have been imported from somewhere else, probably from further north. Basalt can be found on the Golan Heights. Even on the surface we find evidence for ancient settlements, ancient lifeways, ancient trade. And no, we didn’t use the stone to propo up the container. Instead I brought it back to the lab, where it can be catalogued as a surface find.

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2 Responses to Artifacts popping out of the ground

  1. Avalon Hartman says:

    We found a stone tool that looks a lot like the one you have pictured in your “things popping out of the ground”. It looks like it was perhaps a rolling pestle for grinding grain. It’s 8″ x 3″ x 2″ and is much smoother than the one you have pictured. Is there a way I could send you a picture of it so you could take a look?

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