Pillar bases at Khirbet Summeily

While dismantling a mudbrick wall that we uncovered last year, we came upon stone pillar bases in the mudbrick wall. At first the bases perplexed us. What were these stones doing amoing the mudbrick, but after we uncovered this nicely arranged circular pattern of stones and saw other stone rings forming a line, we concluded that pillars would have indeed held the roof of this building with the spaces between the pillars filled in by mudbrick. That is not fully unusual in ancient Israel. Houses like this have been found before. The find is nevertheless exciting. We hope we can find further parts of the house. Who knows, it may be a nice pillared house. These houses were spread throughout Israel, but were very rare in Philistine settlements. It may be just one more indication that this village was Judahite and not Philistine. When looking at the past, we need all sorts of clues to know how people lived. And the columns found at an archaeological dig provide such clues.

Maybe our first full house is to be uncovered at Khirbet Summeily.

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2 Responses to Pillar bases at Khirbet Summeily

  1. meverman@hotmail.com says:

    What a fabulous find! How very exciting.

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