Ovens at Khirbet Summeily

We found some bread ovens at Khirbet Summeily! I am pretty sure that they are tannur ovens. The bread was baked inside these ovens, slapped against the internal walls while red-hot embers glowed at the bottom of the oven. The ovens at Khirbet Summeily are bigger than any of the ovens we found at Tell Halif – at least Level VI of Tell Halif. This may be because the site at Khirbet Summeily was occupied at a different time period than Level VI of Tell Halif. Over time the size of bread ovens may have decreased. After all, the only bread oven stemming from the Bronze Age I ever sawy was yet bigger again than those at Khirbet Summeily.

In the village that once stood here, they baked bread; they harvested wheat. Traces of domestic life appear. Ovens are found at many sites. And yet these ovens tell the story of life at this particular place.

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