Tower or sump?

Last year, we uncovered what we thought was some wall with a cobble floor next to it. This year we investigated the cobble flooring a bit more. It turned out to have several courses. In other words – it wasn’t a cobble floor at all. Rather, the whole structure seems to be one large heap of stones, several courses high. The cobble floor was only one course lower than what we thought to be wall foundations. The structure seems to be circular and has a diameter of approximately 1.5 meters. At some point a pit was dug through other material. And then it was filled in with stones. The stones are not totally at random. There seems some order to them, but nor are they neatly laid. We are still puzzled by what it could be. Is it just a pit that was filled in with stones and ash? Was it the base of a large circular structure? Was it a sump to drain an area? It could be all of these. One clue are the mudbricks we detected on top of the structure last year. It seems the stones were the base for something. Is it a tower? It couldn’t have been very large, standing a few meters tall. Let me know what you think.
Here’s a photo of it, with one of the crew standing at the bottom of the pit, after we cut a section through the stone structure.

Any suggestions?

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