Khirbet Summeily aerial view

This view was taken at the end of the 2012 excavations by kite. Many of the walls are visible, many have been removed. But we need to be aware that the different walls belong to different periods. Sometimes they follow old lines, sometimes they cross old walls, cut them, or follow new directions. The areas are at different levels. Some walls have stone foundations, others have only been built with mudbrick.
Of particular note is the wall that runs from near the top right to the bottom left of the picture. We’ve uncovered it for over 10 meters running in a straight line. It also seems to have been re-used again and again. Does this indicate some greater structure than a farmstead?

The areas at the top edge are further down-hill, while those near the bottom edge are close to the highest point of Khirbet Summeily. Aerial views like this can give us a better indication how the different walls and othe features connect. As we excavate different periods at the same time, we nevertheless require more detailed information to be able to reconstruct the are at different periods throughout time.

Thanks to Bill Isenberger for the picture.

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