Stone foundations at Khirbet Summeily

In my previous post I indicated that some of the finds at Khirbet Summeily are not what’s expected at a site of a small village. Another example of this, are these large stones excavated this season in one of the areas. They are worked and are part of a structure that has hardly been excavated. We found them below some later walls.

At this stage it’s too early to speculate what they mean, what structure they may represent. But it’s one of the hints that there may be more to this site. To get a full understanding will require significant further excavation. And this is slow work. Because of the many mudbrick structures and the complicated stratigraphy, excavations at Khirbet Summeily are not proceeding at a great pace. So far the finds have not been sensational, but they have been intriguing. Many hours of careful work are required to make sense of this riddle. Only then can we really begin to tell a story of this settlement that once stood above a wadi of the Judahite Coastal Plains.

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