Khirbet Summeily orthographic view

This is an orthographic view of two excavation squares at Khirbet Summeily this summer. The locations of the cameras are indicated. Out of these different overlapping pictures the orthographic view was created. Due to the different angles, the height in the picture can be calculated.

Apart from being an example of a useful recording method, this picture also shows some interesting features we discovered this season. In the higher (right) square, a line of stones can be seen. They may have been wall foundations, but were only one course high and so tightly packed and smooth that we were reminded of a cobbled surface. Was this a lane, an entrance-way? It runs up to a wall and ends there. Strangely, we did not find a continuation of this line of stones in the other picture. On the eastern (left) side the stones covered a structure made out of far larger stones.

In the other square (left) we see a mudbrick wall and the foundations of a stone wall running parallel to each other. Strangely, the mudbrick wall does not continue in the upper (right) square. There it seems to have been disturbed by a later pit. As usual, all the answers lie in the balk (the unexcavated areas between squares.)
Thanks to Bill Isenberger for the picture.

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