The model of a modern Archaeologist

Last semester I read the following poem which so aptly describes the mindset of many a modern archaeologist. I was just reminded about it by a facebook friend.

I am the very model of a modern Archaeologist:
a geoethnoarchaeoeconomobiologist,
I’ve seventeen research degrees,
from fifteen different colleges,
mostly in America, where all the latest knowledge is;
I can calibrate chronologies, with all the latest jargon,
using isotopes of oxygen, uranium or argon;
I can quantify regression lines, in terms of their obliquity,
and publish them in Science when rejected by American Antiquity.
If you’re into symbiosis at Cahokia or at Chaco, I’m
the colleague to consult before you promulgate your paradigm.
I’ve hired a taphonomer and fired my typologist:
I’m the very model of a modern Archaeologist.

And yes, the hand in the picture is mine!

Source: Watson, Patty-Jo.
1986 Archaeological Interpretation, 1985. American Archaeology Past and Future. David J. Meltzer, Don D. Fowler and Jeremy A. Sabloff, editors. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press.

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