Book on the Iron Age II cemetery at Tell Halif published

Book III in the Lahav series has just been published by Eisenbrauns. It is the final report on the cemetery to the South of Tell Halif. The tombs were hewn into the hillside opposite the tell and were used during the Iron Age II, from about 900 to 675 BCE. A few neat discoveries were made in those tombs, probably the most famous of them the pomagranate bowl now in the Israel Museum. The book is written by Oded Borowski, long-time participant in excavations at Tell Halif and the director of the current phase of excavations and research of the Lahav Research Project. Here is the link to the Eisenbrauns website.

The grave goods and use of the tombs not only tells us something about how people viewed death and the afterlife during the Iron Age in Judah, but more importantly also about life in the nearby town. Life and death are intertwined.

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