Our floor continues

I still remember how we uncovered a floor covered with pottery and other objects in 2007. It was one of those special finds. In 2008 we uncovered the entire room. While excavating this room, we also noticed that there was another well-preserved floor adjacent to it, just separated by a thin wall. We traced this floor further in 2009, but were sure that there is more of it to find. Well, we did find more of it this season. Large parts of it were covered by ash, an indicator of destruction. When we first found the continuation of the floor, I was a bit disappointed. We found a few pieces of pottery, but really just a few. Otherwise the area was nearly empty. As we expanded the excavated area, we uncovered more of the floor and this time we did find pottery. There were at least two jars, one bowl and a cooking pot.


It means that the room we first found traces of in 2008, and which I did my Masters Thesis on, is larger than previously assumed. I also came to value those empty floor spaces. At least it tells us that not every inch of the floor was taken up by household vessels. There were areas that were empty, where people walked. It was not all clutter.

The house we’re excavating may have had some large rooms, but they were not as empty and spacious as in trendy modern homes.

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