Tell Halif 2014: Overview

In 2014 we only had a small crew at Tell Halif. Nevertheless we made some progress. Excavation proceeded in four squares.
All excavation areas were again on the western side of the tell, where the slope falls steeply away to the valley below.

The following picture taken from a remote controlled quadcopter shows the location of the excavation areas. The upper border of the picture is in the South-West, the left border is the South-East, the right border the North-West, and the bottom border the North-East.


Area A8 connects Field V and Field IV. There we uncovered remains of a Roman floor and wall, and a below it an Iron Age pillar house.

Area C9 is on the slopes of the tell, between what seems like two city walls. Remains of a possible floor could be traced outside the main city wall, but the relationship towards the outer wall could not be clearly established.

Area E9 is also on the slopes of the tell and between the two walls, but the gradient here is not quite as steep, allowing for more detailed excavations. Again, the remains of a possible floor were found outside the city wall. There is some indication however that it might be earlier than the 8th century BCE, the time when the city on Tell Halif reached its greatest development. Although in C9 we uncovered the remains of a stone-lined pit. So far we have not been able to determine when this pit might have been built.

Area D6 is adjacent to areas D7, E6, and E7. These areas all yielded floors dating to the 8th century BCE with well-preserved pottery and other remains. The floors partly continued into D6. As part of excavating D6 we also found what appears to be the base of a massive earlier wall. So far we can not determine its exact location and when this wall might have been built and used.

So far we have got quite wide exposure, but no complete house has been excavated yet in Field V. I certainly hope that we can get onto that in the coming seasons.

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