The bull of Tell Halif

Yesterday, we found a bull figurine during excavations at Tell Halif. To be exact it was just the head of a bull. It was probably attached to a vessel like a jar or a bowl, maybe as a decorative handle. The back of the bull head has the characteristic shape of an attachment to a round vessel. Unfortunately, the date is not quite clear. It was found at the base of what is material that was probably disturbed during the Byzantine Period. It therefore could have come from any time before that. However, clear Iron Age material was just below the spot where we found the bull head, so that it is possible that it came from there.
Does anyone know of handles that are similar in style?

This is our second week of excavations at Tell Halif. Several Persian figurines have been found in the northern part of Field V, where we are excavating. We have made intriguing discoveries about different walls and the relationships between periods, but more about that later.

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