Destroyed by war

I have written before about the signs of warfare at Tell Halif. In particular, the city that ended at the end of the 8th century BCE has not only signs of destruction by fire, but also quite a few remains of weaponry have been found.

Well, this season we again found parts of weapons in the 8th century BCE destruction. More spectacular were two arrowheads found together right on the floor, not far from a nice juglet.
An ash layer about 20 cm thick covered the floor here. Of course, we’re not sure how exactly they ended up on the floor. Were the arrows shot here by the attackers, or did the defenders never use them? Due to their location near the city wall, I would guess that they are a small evidence of the fierce attack on the town.

Not far away, but a little bit higher up, we found a sling stone, as they were used for military purposes. These must have been mass-produced, as they are quite uniform in shape and size. From its location I guess that it might have landed on the roof of the house or in the second story, which then collapsed onto the floor below.

With the finds from previous season, all this builds up to a picture of heavy fighting at the town. Tell Halif – probably Biblical Rimmon – was not easily given up and the battle must have raged for some time. In the end, resistance was futile. The town was conquered, most likely by Assyrian forces, sweeping through Judah at this time.

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  1. SO…peace in the region has never been very long in endurance. Interesting finds…thanks for sharing…LONG BEFORE PUBLICATION????

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