Tell Halif K8 House

Another house I studied at Tell Halif, was the K8 house. This was considerably smaller. Its front section was well preserved, but back rooms had been eroded. Some of the excavators thought that the artefacts recovered from the house may have partly come from a second storey. I have treated all artefacts as coming from a single storey.

This is the overview plan of the house.

Outside the house, there seems to have been a baking hut with an oven:

baking hut attached to the house

The entrance area was quite small and had a cobbled floor.

Area A entrance area

At the centre of the house was a food preparation area with a grinding installation and many storage jars.

Central Area B

Adjacent was a food preparation and consumption area

Area C

Area D was also in the centre of the house.

Area D

In the north-eastern longroom was a food storage area.

Food storage Area E

And right beside it was a probably an area used for weaving and textile production.

Area F

A small room contained several storage jars.

Area G

There also was a small room probably used for goods storage with a plough point.

Area H

Near the centre of the house, not far from the grinding installation, but further west, was a bread oven with several cooking pots.

Cooking Area I

And then there was the southern longroom, which was also cobbled. It had an underfloor niche, where two small bowls were kept.

Area J
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