My passion is to understand more about the people of Ancient Israel, to get to know the ancestors of our faith a little better.  How did they live – the people who first heard the words of the Prophets? What were their longings and fears – they who first prayed the Psalms?

It’s hard to enter their world.  We have their writings, of course.  The Bible carries their words to us.  But our way of life is so different, their environment so foreign to us, that much gets lost in translation.  And many things the Bible assumes we – the readers – just know.

That’s why I wanted to get a clearer picture of their times.  Archaeology – the study of material remains to explain what has happened to specific human groups in the past – can tell us more about life in those times.  And so I read and I went to Israel to excavate.  Starting as a volunteer and advancing to area supervisor, I mainly excavated at Tell Halif near Beersheva in southern Israel.  I’m part of the team of Phase IV of the Lahav Research Project.

Scholarly research and learning can help us to understand, but it also requires imagination to see the ordinariness of daily life and the upheaval of the great events of those times.  That’s why I have written Daughter of Lachish, a novel set in Ancient Judah.  I hope that readers will come away with a new understanding of the world of the Bible, and see the relevance in the current archaeological search to understand the daily life of those times.

Tim Frank

Tim received a Bachelor of Theology (Biblical Studies) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, a Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology (Archaeology) from Mississippi State University, USA and PhD in Theology (Old Testament and its Cultural Environment) from the University of Bern, Switzerland. He has caught the “archaeology bug” now and is keen to learn more about people and cultures of the past.


2 Responses to About

  1. Don Wood says:

    Tim, this sounds so very interesting. I’ve got your book on my wish list. Missionaries have to be careful with their coins. 🙂 But it DOES sound good. I would also like to recommend Sandi Rog’s “The Master’s Wall.” I’m very interested in Old Testament literature and cherish it as a Christian. I wish your sales well. Drop me a note! All the best, Don Wood

  2. Love this site! I will definitely be following and I am looking forward to reading your book. I am glad I ran across this. Cheers.

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