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Pottery reconstruction

While I was writing my dissertation I was wishing again and again that more archaeological excavations would restore pottery and give a detailed report on the pottery found. For only by restoring the pottery can we know how many vessels … Continue reading

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The aim of archaeology

During my archaeological studies at university I only got a cursory introduction to the history of the discipline. But we learned that it started mainly with the collection and subsequent classification of artefacts. Just as others in the early 19th … Continue reading

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The aesthetics of scholarship

“I know archaeology is not always exciting, but does it have to get that boring?”, I often ask myself when reading through another archaeological article. The language is stilted, the sentences dry, the concepts uninspiring. Yes, I do understand that … Continue reading

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The Assyrian century: interpretations of texts and ruins

The debate about the economic impacts of the Assyrian rule of the Levant is continuing. As discussed in previous posts about the Pax Assyriaca and the trade through Mediterranean ports, there are diverging views on the extent to which the … Continue reading

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Pax Assyriaca

Once upon a time on the eastern shores of the sea there were many little kingdoms fighting for dominance, trying to exert control over each other. The frequent raids into the territories of neighbours made life uncertain. The enmity stifled … Continue reading

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Archaeology and perceptions of landscape

A few weeks ago I talked to someone, who – apart from some time away to study – has always lived in this part of Switzerland. What struck me, is how he said: “Yes, I have always lived under this … Continue reading

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Archaeological interpretation of a house

The assumptions we bring to archaeology partly determine our interpretation of archaeological finds. There is a constant relationship between small-scale observations and the greater patterns and narratives we see. J. David Schloen’s book on the house of the father does … Continue reading

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