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Tell Halif K8 House

Another house I studied at Tell Halif, was the K8 house. This was considerably smaller. Its front section was well preserved, but back rooms had been eroded. Some of the excavators thought that the artefacts recovered from the house may … Continue reading

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Archaeological theory: processual archaeology

Processual archaeology developed earlier than evolutionary archaeology, but with the same goal of making archaeology more scientific. Even though it was in part a reaction against culture history, in practice the two were sometimes merged by describing the cultural systems … Continue reading

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Summer 2016 at Tell Halif

I am not in Israel this summer, but there’s something happening at Tell Halif. A team are excavating at the northern end of Field V and establishing the connection between Fields IV and V. They are finding some good stuff. … Continue reading

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Pax Assyriaca

Once upon a time on the eastern shores of the sea there were many little kingdoms fighting for dominance, trying to exert control over each other. The frequent raids into the territories of neighbours made life uncertain. The enmity stifled … Continue reading

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Persian figurines at Tell Halif

It was especially in Field IV, excavated from 1992 to 1999, that Persian figurines were found on Tell Halif. But throughout the excavations of Field V (2007 – 2015), we also regularly came across figurines. This year the Persian figurines … Continue reading

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When a Roman wall becomes older

Last year I mentioned a Roman wall that was found on Tell Halif in square A8. After all it was immediately adjacent to a floor from the Roman period and was probably in use at the same time as that … Continue reading

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Beauty among ashes

By now it is nothing unusual at Tell Halif to come down on floors with plenty of pottery remains. Only, this one was a few centimetres higher than we expected. We were quite excited when we found it, especially as … Continue reading

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