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The aim of archaeology

During my archaeological studies at university I only got a cursory introduction to the history of the discipline. But we learned that it started mainly with the collection and subsequent classification of artefacts. Just as others in the early 19th … Continue reading

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Archaeology and perceptions of landscape

A few weeks ago I talked to someone, who – apart from some time away to study – has always lived in this part of Switzerland. What struck me, is how he said: “Yes, I have always lived under this … Continue reading

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Development and the destruction of heritage

The construction of new buildings, roads, utilities and farming ventures – development – undoubtedly brings the greatest destruction to archaeological remains. Not only does development destroy what may still be left in the ground, it also alters the landscape, so … Continue reading

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Places in “Daughter of Lachish”

Sometimes people ask whether the places I described in the novel “Daughter of Lachish” are real. Yes, they are! The archaeological evidence is not always unequivocal and I added a lot of imagination to make them what they are in … Continue reading

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In the Shadow of Egypt

During the Late Bronze Age, Egypt was the imperial power that controlled the territory of Canaan. The local rulers fought amongst each other, sought to gain advantage over competing city states by appealing to the local governor or the Pharaoh. … Continue reading

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Kites and archaeology

Maybe you never thought of it that way, but kites can be important tools in archaeology. At the Tell el-Hesi Regional Survey we used them to map sites and take aerial photos. Kites with good flying qualities are launched near … Continue reading

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Tel Burna: Biblical Libnah?

The identification of tell sites with ancient cities mentioned in the biblical texts is hardly ever certain. Often many lines of evidence have to be pursued. Already the late Anson Rainey identified Tel Burna with the biblical town of Libnah … Continue reading

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