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Manger scene

The outlines of snowy mountains rise above the still lake. Stars shine in the cold winter sky. Candles flicker among some of the tombstones as we make our way down the steep cemetery steps. Here and there small patches of … Continue reading

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The Ruins of Abu Hof

It is just a ruin now. The columns that once held the arching roof today lie flat on the bare limestone floor, thorns and thistles crowding around them. Limestone blocks form low walls that once stood firm and tall. Around … Continue reading

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The sheep

Ok, that is a picture of a lamb in New Zealand. But the sheep was similarly important in the agrarian economy of Ancient Israel. In archaeological excavations, most of the bones recovered are those of sheep or goats. Often, it … Continue reading

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The Stable

On the basis of his observations in early 20th century Palestine, the evidence of archaeology and the consideration of the Bible and other texts, Gustaf Dalman described how animals would have been housed in Ancient Israel and Roman Judaea. At … Continue reading

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A day in Palestine: afternoon

Among Arabs, the afternoon was already considered part of the evening. Muslims often called this time “between prayers”, between noon and evening prayer. According to Dalman, evening prayer ocurred before sunset.But it also is a time when the heat of … Continue reading

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The good shepherd

In New Zealand sheep are herded by dogs. While the shepherd usually has the best interest of the animals at heart, the sheep do not listen to the shepherd’s voice. They only to run away from him scared. It has … Continue reading

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