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Places in “Daughter of Lachish”

Sometimes people ask whether the places I described in the novel “Daughter of Lachish” are real. Yes, they are! The archaeological evidence is not always unequivocal and I added a lot of imagination to make them what they are in … Continue reading

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Tel Burna: Biblical Libnah?

The identification of tell sites with ancient cities mentioned in the biblical texts is hardly ever certain. Often many lines of evidence have to be pursued. Already the late Anson Rainey identified Tel Burna with the biblical town of Libnah … Continue reading

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Tel Burna

From the barren hills of Hebron a valley runs towards the west through forested hillsides – Nahal Guvrin. Fields of wheat hug the wadi that curves across the valley floor. Past a Roman amphitheatre and the ruins of a Crusader … Continue reading

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Life in the Holy Land: Storing Grain

In Arabic times grain was most commonly stored in grain trunks, called “shrines” by Dalman. They were made out of dried white-washed clay and usually stood in the main room of the farm house. The grain was poured into it … Continue reading

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