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Archaeological interpretation of a house

The assumptions we bring to archaeology partly determine our interpretation of archaeological finds. There is a constant relationship between small-scale observations and the greater patterns and narratives we see. J. David Schloen’s book on the house of the father does … Continue reading

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My cup runneth over

In the last post, I suggested that the word אגן (aggan) most likely described a chalice. But there is another word in the Bible, which obviously refers to a drinking vessel. It is the word כוס (kos), often translated as … Continue reading

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Of wineskins and wine jars

When excavating archaeological sites in Israel, potsherds normally turn up in large quantities. Whoever lived there must have used ceramic vessels for a whole lot of purposes, and many of those ceramic vessels somehow must have been broken and left … Continue reading

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The vineyards of Lachish

Today the area around Lachish is one of the prime wine-growing regions in Israel. It must be the soils and the climate, for in the past vineyards surrounded ancient Lachish. We know this from pictures and remains uncovered on the … Continue reading

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