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Archaeological interpretation of a house

The assumptions we bring to archaeology partly determine our interpretation of archaeological finds. There is a constant relationship between small-scale observations and the greater patterns and narratives we see. J. David Schloen’s book on the house of the father does … Continue reading

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Daughter of Lachish now as Kindle edition

I just wanted to let you know that my book Daughter of Lachish is now also available as Kindle edition on Amazon.

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The house of the father as fact and symbol

Now and then a book comes along in any discipline that asks new questions, highlights the preconceived notions that are at work in the discipline and allows some practitioners to explore new avenues of research. In the area of Near … Continue reading

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The direction of the Old Testament

In my last post I discussed Notger Slenczka’s essay about the relevance of the Old Testament for the Church. In this post I want to respond to part of Slenczka’s further elaboration. In defence of his thesis that the Old … Continue reading

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