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A day in Palestine: morning

Gustaf Dalman wanted to describe life in Palestine in all its dimensions, wanted to make even people in Central Europe understand what it meant to live in the Holy Land. His descriptions also allow us to catch a glimpse of … Continue reading

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Thoughts from ASOR

I am currently attending the conference of the American Schools of Oriental Research in San Francisco. ASOR is the main professional organization for archaeologists worldwide dealing with the Ancient Near East, including Israel. It is always a full program, no … Continue reading

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Life in the Holy Land: Bread ovens

In the early 20th century, one of the more common instruments to bake bread with was the zag. The zag is a convex iron plate that is laid above the fire. Flat bread is briefly placed on the plate and … Continue reading

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Unique sculpted animal head discovered at Khirbet Summeily

I haven’t been able to share this before, as it was kept under wraps previously. We found a cool animal head at Khirbet Summeily! It’s made out of clay and I think it represents a lion, but because it’s not … Continue reading

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