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Visualizing Food Storage in Ancient Houses

Recently an article I wrote was published on the ASOR blog Ancient Near East Today. It discusses some of the issues with visualizations in archaeology.

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Household food storage in Ancient Israel and Judah

My book “Household food storage in Ancient Israel and Judah” has been published by Archaeopress. It is a revised version of my doctoral dissertation completed for the University of Bern. It explores household food storage by looking at texts, pictorial … Continue reading

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The fourth excavations at Lachish

This summer, the fourth excavations at Lachish have started in earnest. Previous expeditions have already uncovered parts of the site and found important evidence of the siege of the city, life during the Iron Age, the general stratigraphy, and temples … Continue reading

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Places in “Daughter of Lachish”

Sometimes people ask whether the places I described in the novel “Daughter of Lachish” are real. Yes, they are! The archaeological evidence is not always unequivocal and I added a lot of imagination to make them what they are in … Continue reading

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Book give-away (USA only)

In about a month I will be leaving the United States. When I looked through my belongings, I noticed that I still had a few (as new) copies of my book Daughter of Lachish. Not wanting to haul these around … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Cave at Khirbet Beit Lei

In 1961 an ancient burial cave was uncovered during road construction not far from Lachish. It was east of the site of Khirbet Bei Lei (Horvat Loya). The cave has been opened up and is now visible just beside the … Continue reading

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What town of the Bible is that?

The location of Biblical sites is sometimes not easy to establish and considerable debate still rages among scholars on the identification of some archaeological sites. That’s not entirely surprising. Normally we don’t dig up the sign at the city entrance … Continue reading

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